Concurrent Enrollment

The Concurrent Enrollment (CE) program provides an opportunity for district high school students to earn both high school and college credit for college courses taken. St. Vrain will pay the tuition for college classes (student fees and books are the students’ responsibility.)  Students may take pre-approved classes at Front Range, AIMS, or CU-Boulder. Students taking concurrent classes must follow strict district guidelines in order for their tuition to be paid for.

Deadline for completion: May 1, 2023

Students taking Front Range Community College classes (Concurrent Enrollment) must follow these steps to have the approval to take the classes and be enrolled for college credit.

  1. Apply to Front Range Community College to become a student and get a student ID number. SAVE THIS NUMBER, you will need it in the future!
  2. Log in to the Concurrent Enrollment Form with your SVVSD login 
  3. Use these directions if you have questions about the CE form. 
  4. After submitting the form you will receive an email with the form attached. Both you and a parent must sign the form. 
  5. Turn in the signed copy of your CE form to Ms. Pohlman, Counselor. Forms for the Fall 2023 semester are due by May 1, 2023
  6. Please note! It is the student’s responsibility to provide any support or accommodation plans to the FRCC instructor and college. 
  7. Students are responsible for ensuring they have registered for the COF
  8. For visual step-by-step instructions click here
  9. FRCC Tutorial videos created here

Please note: Most FRCC classes are held on the college campus in Longmont. There are a limited number of online classes, called “Real Time Remote”. SVVSD will not pay for full (non-real-time remote) online classes. Contact Ms. Pohlman if you have questions.

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