School Overview

LaunchED Virtual Academy operates under the mission of St. Vrain Valley Schools and offers a fully-accredited online alternative for kindergarten through 12th graders. The curriculum is taught by licensed St. Vrain Valley Schools educators and delivered via Schoology in an environment that advances academic excellence while supporting and fostering student development.

St. Vrain LaunchED Virtual Academy utilizes content from a variety of digital sources to deliver a rigorous and comprehensive educational experience that aligns with Colorado Academic Standards. The content taught and the pace of delivery aligns with district expectations for each grade level and course, according to district unit plans. Each course is taught by St. Vrain educators, supported by St. Vrain departments, and aligned with St. Vrain’s expectations. Families play an instrumental role in the learning process at home, but parents and guardians are not expected to serve as teachers.

School Leadership

Alternative Programs

For homeschooling support, please refer to St. Vrain’s APEX Homeschool Program. For information about St. Vrain’s alternative virtual programs, please refer to St. Vrain Virtual High School and eCredit Recovery.

LaunchED Virtual Academy