Enrollment and registration for LaunchED are now open/available! If you wish to have your student(s) attend LaunchED next school year, please complete the St. Vrain LaunchED Virtual Academy application by Friday, February 26th, 2021.

If you are NEW to St. Vrain Valley School District, once you are approved into LaunchED, you will receive an online registration form for St. Vrain.

Details to consider when making this important decision:

  • Enrollment at LaunchED for next year means you will be requesting your child(ren) attend this new SV school of choice, outside of your attendance area;
  • You will no longer be associated with your current ‘home school’;
  • Students in grades K-12 are eligible to open enroll;
  • It is important to enroll/register as early as possible to assist District administration in planning sufficient programming and staff for LaunchED and other district schools for the coming year. Families will continue to have the flexibility to enroll in LaunchED or back into their home school as there may still be many unforeseen factors that influence your decision.
  • Expanded curricular options may be available to students dependent upon student enrollment.

For any further questions about the LaunchED offerings for the 2021-2022 school year, please contact Connie Syferd, Program Director, or Julie Read, Assistant Program Director at #303-702-8808.

While the academic standards of both environments are the same, the curriculum and experience will be different. In some cases, students may participate in a home school elective based on need and space available. Please work with your level counselor on the feasibility of this option.

In order to provide continuity in student learning, transitions will be offered at grading periods. These decisions will be made in consultation with families, teacher(s), the program coordinator, and the student’s school of primary enrollment. Students who started the year in LaunchED are required to remain in the program until the end of the grading period. If you prefer the online learning option, please register your student by Tuesday, September 29 to ensure our district has the appropriate staff in place to support students. Please contact LaunchED at 303-702-8800 for more information about the enrollment process.

  • Elementary students will be able to transition to/from the physical environment at trimesters.
  • Secondary students will be able to transition to/from the physical environment at the semester mark.
  • Tuition for K-12 students is covered by St. Vrain Valley Schools at no cost to families. Some courses, such as AP classes, may require nominal fees. Families in need of financial assistance should contact the program coordinator.