St. Vrain LaunchED Virtual Academy utilizes content from a variety of digital resources to deliver a rigorous and comprehensive educational experience that aligns with Colorado Academic Standards. The content taught and the pace of delivery will align with district expectations for each grade level and course, according to district unit plans.

While a typical day will vary by grade level and by course, LaunchED students have the opportunity to attend live lessons anywhere from 1 to 4 hours a day, with additional work to complete individually. There will be support tools embedded in each course to help students stay on track.

LaunchED will utilize the Schoology Learning Management System, one that most of our students and families are already familiar with. All courses, assignments, discussions, etc will happen within Schoology. If you have questions about getting logged in to Schoology, this presentation may help.

Elementary: Students will be in a mix of whole group and small group classes between 9am and 2pm, with some opportunities for specials in the afternoon. Students get regular breaks from their screens and active learning and movement is encouraged

Middle and High School: LaunchED follows the A/B schedule district high schools (and some middle schools) follow. Here is a link to the A and B days, andthis link will get you to the virtual bell schedule. Students take between 6-8 classes per semester.

  • The online courses offered through LaunchED Virtual Academy will include both core courses and electives, which will differ by grade level. Course offerings will be based on student interest and teacher availability.
  • Career Development Center, concurrent enrollment and Innovation Center courses are available for students. Please reach out to your LaunchED counselor to learn more.
  • At this time, specialty and school-specific courses, such as pre-IB, IB, PTECH, PTEACH courses will NOT be available through LaunchED.

  • Students with individualized Education Plans (IEPs), 504 Plans, or Gifted & Talented or English Language Learner services will be supported by the LaunchED teaching staff in partnership with Students Services.
  • We have highly qualified Special Education teachers to meet the needs of students on IEPs.

Students will be graded in the same manner as students who are attending brick-and-mortar schools in accordance with district grading policy.

Click here to view a list of school supplies. Some materials listed on the district resources are not applicable to a virtual classroom environment. Please use your discretion when setting up your student’s home learning environment.

Students will be learning with peers from around the district. There will be online collaboration, discussions, and other interaction with students at the same grade level or in the same content courses.

All levels, courses, and the content will be taught and delivered by Colorado licensed St. Vrain teachers.

Teachers will be regularly providing instruction, monitoring progress, providing specific feedback, and communicating with students and families. The interaction will be a mix of synchronous (or ‘live’) and asynchronous (or ‘on demand’) learning. There will also be opportunities for individual connections during open office hours, small groups, or 1-on-1 learning opportunities

There are a few ways students can reach out to their teachers:

  • Schoology Learning Management System will be used for all content delivery, assignment submission, grading, and feedback, etc. Students will be able to use the platform to send messages to their teachers and ask questions.
  • Each teacher will have a direct phone line and St. Vrain email address and a Webex video conferencing address.
  • There will be periodic times throughout the year, much like parent/teacher conferences at brick-and-mortar schools, where families will engage with LaunchED teachers to discuss student progress, learning habits, next steps, and overall academic development.
LaunchED Virtual Academy