Family & Student Engagement

Family and student engagement is an important part of the school’s programming.

  • Family involvement will be crucial to student growth and success in the online program. The role of families will vary by grade level, course content, family dynamics, and student needs. Please consider these components:
    • Kindergarten and 1st grade students need a significant amount of parent support. Families will need to be able to support the child in logging on, accessing material, reviewing content, completing and submitting assignments, etc.
    • 2nd through 5th grade students will probably need much of that same support, although at a less intense level than the younger learners.
    • Middle and high school students should feel comfortable navigating the courses and content with the teacher, but parents would do well to check in with students at least once a week to ensure that pacing is on track.
  • Whether or not a student needs support on a daily basis, parents should plan on checking in with students on progress regularly.
  • Information and tutorials on Webex, Schoology and Infinite Campus can be found here.
  • Technology requirements: Stable and reliable internet access; SVVSD iPad issued from your home school; Printer, or method for accessing printed material (e.g. students can download printable materials into Notability and complete assignments on the iPad).
  • Provide an academic environment: Students ideally will have their own quiet and organized space for daily study with appropriate learning supplies available. (Please note that some of those district supplies will not apply if you are learning at home, please use your own discretion in setting up your learning environments.)
  • Monitor student progress daily: Check-in with students on content, new learnings, successes, and concerns.
  • Be involved with student progress and content mastery: Through Schoology or conversations with the teacher, parents/guardians will be prepared to help students maintain appropriate progress.
  • Help with course navigation or technology: Be available to help students with logging on, finding materials, following instructions, etc.

Students in LaunchED Virtual Academy will primarily connect with each other over academic content. Social and emotional needs will be addressed with teachers through course content and individual relationships, and may also be met by continued engagement with the primary enrollment school for extracurricular activities.

Students who will thrive in an online environment come in many forms. There is not a mold that dictates success in online learning. The typical characteristics seen as necessary — self-directed, independent, flexible learners — are things that our teachers will work with students on, and in which students will grow in confidence and capacity over the course of the year.

School Accountability Committee

Our School Accountability Committee reviews school data, goals, and provides feedback on the School Unified Improvement Plan.

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