Hours and Location

Normal School Day Schedule

Grades K-5: Monday- Friday

9am- 12pmAcademic Blocks and Small Group Time
12:30-3:30Academic Blocks, Small Group Time, Individual Learning Time
K-5 Schedule

Grades 6-12 Block Schedule: A day/B day

TimeA DayB Day
8:00-9:00Block 1Block 5
9:30-10:30Block 2Block 6
10:30-11:00Advisory AAdvisory B
11:00-12:00Office Hours/ work timeOffice Hours/ work time
12:30-1:30Block 3Block 7
2:00-3:00Block 4Block 8
6-12 Schedule


We will use the following Late Start Schedule for the following dates: September 6th, November 1st, December 6th, February 7th, March 6th, April 2nd, May 1st

*School begins at 10:30am for ALL students*

K-5 Students: Students will report to their classes at 10:30am

6-12 Students:

TimeA DayB Day
8:00-10:30PLC Teacher Meeting TimePLC Teacher Meeting Time
10:30-11:15Block 1Block 5
11:25-12:10Block 2 Block 6
12:40-1:10Advisory AAdvisory B
1:20-2:05Block 3Block 7
2:15-3:00Block 4Block 8
PLC Schedule 2023-24: Sept. 6, Nov. 1, Dec. 6, Feb. 7, March 6, April 3, May 1st
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