Principal’s Update & Important Dates

Here at LaunchED, we know one of our most valuable resources is time with our students. This is especially true during office hours, those dedicated times before, between, and after class when you can connect with teachers one-on-one or in small groups. Office hours really are a critical ingredient in the magic of LaunchED.

Office hours are your chance to:

  • Get personalized help with challenging topics.
  • Clarify confusing concepts.
  • Discuss upcoming assignments and projects, or review previous assignments and projects.
  • Deepen your understanding and become a stronger, more engaged learner.

We encourage you to talk to your students about office hours, especially if they could use some extra support or encouragement as we approach the end of the school year.

Remember, LaunchED teachers are here for you! Make the most of your learning journey by taking advantage of office hours.

~Julie Read, Principal, LaunchED Virtual Academy

🚀 April 15, 16, 17, 18: CMAS Testing (5th and 8th grades)
🚀 April 19th: CMAS Testing (11th grade)
🚀 April 26th: No school for students, LaunchED office closed
🚀 May 1st: Late Start for students/PLC for teachers
🚀 May 15th: Last day for seniors!

LaunchED Picture of the Week: Biomimicry in Design for a Better World

Image with the text of a students project stating that their inspiration for the biomimicry unit is the process of photosynthesis. They would like to figure out a car that could use the concept of photosynthesis to produce less carbon dioxide pollution.

Our LaunchED students are innovators, leaders, and designers!

Students in Ms. Legrand’s Design for a Better World class are learning about biomimicry. Biomimicry is the practice of learning from and then imitating nature’s forms, processes, and ecosystems to create more sustainable designs. In other words, it’s studying nature and using its ideas to solve problems.

Students in this class are developing products inspired by photosynthesis and its use for removing carbon dioxide from the air, how pollinators interact with nectar and pollen as a way to address food waste, and even how the movements of animals (like snakes) can lead to better design of vehicles. Through this project our LaunchED students are able to build critical problem solving skills that they can use in all areas of their learning. We look forward to seeing their final products soon!

St. Vrain’s Unframed Art Show live at the Boulder County Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall from April 16-21

Please join us at the Boulder County Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall from April 16-21 for the public viewing of artworks from all grade levels and schools across the St. Vrain Valley. Different mediums will be featured including ceramics, digital art/photography, drawing, jewelry making, metalwork, mixed media, painting, and printmaking.

We will have many LaunchED students featured at this art show! Be sure to stop by and check out the artwork of our LaunchED students and all of our students in St. Vrain!

Learn More and See Where the Winning Artworks will Publish

Chicken Channel!

We want to remind you all that Chicken Channel is live! We were able to “candle” the eggs and have about 10 eggs out of this batch so far that we can see some movement in already! See the picture above from our chat with Kindergarten and 1st grades today.

You can view the Chicken Channel at this live link throughout the 21 day hatching cycle–we will include fun trivia, some eggs-cellent jokes and more!

March Madness: Battle of the Books!

Final Match! Vote by Friday, April 19th!

Students Vote Here:

Full Bracket:

Congratulations to our Picture Book Winner–the Entire Pigeon Collection by Mo Willems! 📚

LaunchED Community – Hearing and Vision Screening May 3, 2024

Take advantage of this opportunity for your child to be screened for hearing and vision by the district screening team! 

Being able to see and hear is vital to a child’s ability to thrive, both academically and socially. 

Attached is a google survey which is being sent to all LaunchEd parents with the option to sign up for a time slot for the screening on May 3rd. 

The screening will take place in the Agile Room on the LaunchEd campus. We hope you make use of this opportunity! Link to form:

Career Fair flyer with information for students about an upcoming opportunity on Friday April 26th from 9-11:30am and 12:30-3:00pm at the Innovation Center or Career Elevation and Technology Center.

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