Week of March 4th-March 8th

Principal’s Update & Important Dates

It is hard to imagine that we are only one week away from Spring Break! Check out this week’s newsletter with information about upcoming spring assessments as well as opportunities for your student to get involved in LaunchED beyond the classroom. It is a wonderful time to be in LaunchED!

~Julie Read, Principal, LaunchED Virtual Academy

🚀 March 15: End of third quarter for 6th-8th grades, mid-semester for 9th-12th
🚀 March 18-22: Spring Break!
🚀 April 3: Late Start for Students
🚀 April 9, 10, 11: CMAS Testing (3-4, 6-7 grades)
🚀 April 10: SAT (11th grade)
🚀 April 11: PSAT (9th and 10th grade)

LaunchED Picture of the Week

This week, students (both in-person and online via Webex!) became real-life engineers, prototyping and building amazing kites! They didn’t just build – they collaborated! Students shared their designs with each other, showcasing their creativity and problem-solving skills. Whether they were in the classroom or at home, teamwork was key! Here at LaunchED we’re proud of our expert hybrid learners. They’re mastering the art of collaboration, a skill that will take them far in the future, no matter where their journey leads. Thank you Ms. Legrand & Ms. LaFaye for an awesome STEAM club experience for our students!

March Madness: Battle of the Books!

Students–its time to vote on Round 1 of our Battle of the Books. You can also see the whole bracket here–feel free to download to Notability and make your guesses as to our top winners in each category.

Vote Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZTbIUNoSAbqj54LaZiF6632l-QYfNKbGn_553lPoPEBsncg/viewform

Full Bracket: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Ho7P_Jf3PDgSeXVmVfIUXZcKGFd8UEOv0EuRWmTEyAU/preview

CMAS & PSAT/SAT Testing Information

From our SVVSD Innovation Center: STEM Night and Student Design Guild

Student Design Guild: The Student Design Guild seeks to create experiential learning opportunities that transcend the traditional classroom and engage the entire community in STEM and design work.  In this Student Design Guild, teachers can support their students on a design journey, either in the classroom, or by providing information to parents for students to work independently at home. See the attached flier for details. Teachers can have their entire class participate, or even just a small group. Students can participate independently at home, or invite a friend to work on your project with you!  Please contact Kristen Brohm, Director of STEM Education at the Innovation Center,  for more information.  Anyone can enter! 

Student Design Guild Informational Flier

Student Design Guild Rubric for Students

[email protected]

Super STEM:  Looking for interesting camps for your child?  Check out Super STEM and Innovation Academy for offerings for your elementary/middle school-aged child.  Check us out at innovation.svvsd.org or click on the link: Innovation Center Summer Opportunities K-12

STEAM Clubs in LaunchED! We have a STEAM Club for every grade level in LaunchED–join us, there are always in person and at home options!

Student Artwork Corner

Check out art from our student’s this week! We love highlighting the work of our students as they create and innovate and this week, we are celebrating the work of Ms. Freeman’s Photography class–abstract photography with household items.

Multi color water photo close up abstract

Ai, 8th Grade

Drops of water on a CD disk with bright abstract lighting and coloring

Julisa, 7th

8th grade student

8th grade student

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