LaunchED Virtual Academy Fosters Strong Teacher-Student Connection in a Fully Online Learning Environment

Nine middle school students and two teachers smiling on their computer screens during a virtual class.

At her kitchen table, junior Maya Juarez powers up her computer in preparation for a day of online classes with LaunchED Virtual Academy. As she logs into Schoology, the digital platform instantly connects Maya with her teachers and peers, demonstrating how technology forms personal connections for a more engaging learning experience.

In the LaunchED virtual environment, teachers, students, and families have discovered innovative ways to stay connected and build strong relationships despite physical distance. Communication channels, including personalized emails, virtual conferences, and digital newsletters, ensure that parents and guardians are well-informed, empowering families to actively participate in their child’s education and stay updated on progress, events, and ways to support learning at home. 

LaunchED understands the importance of involving families in the educational journey. Regular parent/teacher conferences allow discussions about student progress, learning habits, next steps, and overall academic development. “At LaunchED, we recognize that partnering with adults at home is a key indicator of student success,” said Julie Read, Principal at LaunchED Virtual Academy. “Our collaborative approach to education ensures that our teachers play a central role in unlocking the potential of every student.”

Students have multiple avenues to connect with their teachers, including the Schoology Learning Management System, which serves as a comprehensive platform for content delivery, assignment submission, grading, and communication. Teachers are also easily accessible via phone, email, and Webex video conferencing. “I like to communicate with my teachers through chat or email. I’m happy when I hear back from them because they always help me,” shared Maya.

The level of support students receive is comparable to a traditional classroom setting. Through video calls, discussion forums, and interactive assignments, teachers create a sense of belonging and provide individualized attention for each student. Additionally, technology allows teachers to provide timely feedback, address student concerns, and offer academic assistance. “I love that my teacher can always make time for us during the day if we need help with something,” shared fifth-grader Clara Jozovich-Queen. 

At LaunchED, teachers are dedicated to developing meaningful connections with students. By engaging with them on a personal level, teachers gain a deeper understanding of each student’s learning style, strengths, and challenges, enabling them to provide more personalized and effective instruction. This also creates a positive learning environment, where students feel a strong sense of belonging and are comfortable actively participating in class. “I’ve been able to connect with our students at an even deeper level than I expected,” said STEAM Teacher Sherry Legrand. “There’s something about seeing them on the screen every day, sharing what’s happening in our lives, and visiting with them, and sometimes their pets and family members, that makes these relationships special.”

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